Shotgun Match Saver Shell Holder

    Not everyone is into 3Gun competition Those of you who are not in the know may not have seen or heard of the match saver. It is a small piece of plastic that is adhered to the side of a shotgun just forward of the chamber/ejection port. It is used to literally save the match or stage. Sometimes in competition a shooter may be over zealous in burning down some steel targets and miss some. They use up more ammo to knock them down and often may find themselves left with a solitary steel target. At this point they have run their shotgun empty and the bolt is locked back. Well rather than reaching down to your belt for a shell, the shooter just reaches back a bit with their support hand. With a smooth sweeping motion they slide the shell back out of the match saver and into the ejection port. At this time they hit the bolt release while moving their hand back forward. Now the shotgun is loaded and ready to be fired. With practice this can be done very quickly.


    Here is a video explaining how to use the match saver.


    In this video, Lance Digler shoots a round, loads the shotgun from the match saver and shoots that round. All in 0.77 seconds.

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