New RCBS Reloading Gear

    RCBS Case Feeder

    RCBS announced a pair of new products that may appeal to the reloaders in the audience. One is a new case feeder for the company’s Pro Chucker presses, and the second new item is a mechanical scale.

    Pro Chucker Tube Case Feeder

    RCBS is now making a tubular case feeder for its Pro Chucker 5 and 7 progressive presses. According to the company, both of the presses had a maximum load rate of about 600 rounds per hour. According to the company, this case feeder increases the load rate by more than 25%. So, the theoretical maximum is now in the neighborhood of 750 rounds each hour.

    The feeder comes with a medium sized tube that will run approximately 80% of the cartridges that can be loaded on these presses. Additional small and large tubes are also available. The case feeder will properly run both bottle neck and straight wall cases.

    The suggested retail price on the case feeder is $149.95. A small and large tube combo pack will run $29.95.

    M1000 Scale

    RCBS M1000

    The new M1000 is a mechanical scale that is designed to offer good features and excellent accuracy. The scale can be turned around to better access the pan from either the right of left hand side.

    Accuracy is to + or – 0.1 grains, and the scale will weight up to 1,000 grains at a time. RCBS uses a magnetic dampening system for faster readings. Also, RCBS claims the pan is completely tip proof. The suggested retail price is $159.95.

    RCBS manufactures a wide range of hand loading tools including single stage presses and case cleaners.

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