Memorial day: Remembering Those Who Gave Everything

    Memorial Day is a US holiday that I struggle with every year as it is a rather emotional one for me. It seems that all too often people lose sight of why we enjoy the day off to BBQ with friends and family among other Memorial Day traditions. We do our best to honor those who served by thanking them for their service and indulging in some of the most American activities that we can. But is that how we should be celebrating?


    The 561st escorts SPC. Michael R.  to his flight home.

    Today is a somber celebration of the men and women that gave their life in defense of the United States of America. We pay homage to their sacrifice but as a nation forget what Memorial Day is about all too often. Those veterans that you are thanking are spending the day thinking about their buddies that weren’t able to come home because they made the ultimate sacrifice.


    Soldiers that were not able to attend the funeral in the United States perform a downrange memorial.

    I want to challenge our readers this Memorial Day by having a meaningful one. Reflect on the sacrifice that over 1.3 million service members have made over the United States’ history. Thousands of families like mine are remembering their loved one today and celebrating their heroism, I encourage you to do the same.

    From all of us at TFB, enjoy a safe day of remembrance and may we never forget.


    SPC. Michael R. lands in Dover where his family welcomes their hero home.