RE Factor Tactical Rapid Deployment Buttstock Tourniquet Holder

    Evolving from the butt-stock magazine pouch, RE Factor Tactical has released their Rapid Deployment Butt-stock Tourniquet Holder. The piece of tactical nylon is designed to handle a RATS tourniquet mounted onto the buttstock of any common modern sporting rifle.

    The Rapid Deployment Buttstock Tourniquet Holder is attached via “simple” bungeee cords to maintain “a secure, low profile…” mount “…without interfering with charging handles or bolt action movements. Construction is of typical tactical nylon but uses a Neroprene sleve with a Velcro retention strap to keep the tourniquet secure. The pouch stays in place using the bungees and a rubberized surface on the firearm facing facet.

    On a personal note, I am not sure if the rubber backing is sufficient to keep the pouch in place. I would like to see a bungee wrap around the back of the stock to ensure that the pouch is kept in its intended location.


    For fans of other tourniquet systems, the Rapid Deployment Buttstock Tourniquet Holder is compatible with other models. RE Factor Tactical calls out specific compatibility with CAT or SOF-T tourniquest.

    The Rapid Deployment Buttstock Tourniquet Holder is Made in the USA. It is priced at $24.99 across a wide variety of colors to match the terrain (or the rifle). Colors include Black, Tan, Ranger Green, and the nearly universal Multicam.

    Nathan S

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