NEW Stevens 555 Compact O/U in .410, 28 & 20 GA

    Stevens 555 Compact

    Savage Arms is releasing new Stevens 555 Compact models to supplement their current line of Over & Under (O/U) shotguns. The initial caliber offerings will be .410, 28 and 20 Gauge. With the immediate success of the Stevens 555 it only makes sense they expand their offerings to fit smaller and younger shooters.

    One of the main reasons the Stevens 555 has taken off is its affordable price. If you have a younger shooter you do not need to sell your next of kin to get him/her shooting. The MSRP of the Stevens 555 standards and compacts is $692, but a lot of gun shops sell them cheaper than that.

    All of the models come standard with 5 choke tubes which is great. Normally the #1 accessory shooters buy and struggle to find is choke tubes. The Turkish walnut and cut checkering also make buyers feel like they are getting a great value because it definitely has curb appeal.

    The barrels are chrome-lined, it has an intuitive tang-safety, and its lightweight design swings well. Although it may have an aluminum receiver to achieve this feathery weight, the breech is re-inforced with steel to ensure strength and integrity.

    The length-of-pull is set to a standard 13 1/4″ and the forearm is shortened as well to give it a consistent and fluid feel.

    A short overview of the new shotgun is presented by Savage Arms here:

    Stevens 555 Compact

    Stevens 555 Compact

    With many high schools and youth programs expanding throughout the US the Stevens 555 Compact should draw a lot of attention once it hits store shelves.

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