CAA Roni with SB Tactical Braces

    CAA will soon be shipping out their Roni platform equipped with an SB Tactical Stabilizer Brace to dealers and distributors. If you didn’t already know the ATF actually recently approved the collapsing version of the SB Tactical Stabilizer Brace made for the Sig MPX. The Roni platform from CAA has been around for a while, they’re a kit that accepts most popular pistols (Glocks, CZ, Sig Sauer, HK, Springfields, Beretta and a few others) and turns them into pistol carbines, a stockless version is available as well.

    They include Picatinny rails for optics, iron sights, flash lights and forearm grips. They also feature an ambidextrous pistol cocking handle. They’re a drop-in kit with no pistol disassembly required. CAA also debuted their new Mi-Roni conversion kits at the 2016 SHOT Show which are even more compact than their previous models. Their newest model with the newly approved SB Tactical Brace is called the Roni Stabilizer, it’s available in either black, OD green or tan and weights in at 49.4 ounces. It retails for $546 and will include a 10 year warranty from CAA and will be available for the above mentioned pistol brand.  CAA also has a Mic-Roni version on the way soon. Check out for more info.

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