Personal Indoor Gun Range from Bullet Trap USA

    I’m sure most of you out there have watched Hickok45’s videos and wished you had your own shooting range, I think about it almost everyday. If you don’t have a few acres of land out in the country having your own shooting range is usually out of the question, well not anymore! I stumbled upon this video from Bullet Trap USA on one of the blogs I follow, it’s a personal indoor gun range you can install in your own home. To set up your own indoor range you’ll need two things, one of Bullet Trap USA’s various pistol or rifle bullet traps to catch the bullets you’ll be firing as well as Bullet Trap USA’s Sound Abatement Room where you’ll actually be firing from. The video below explains what’s required.

    And here’s some info on their Sound Abatement Room.

    I applaud Bullet Trap USA for offering an option for those with the money and space to set up their own range, but I’d rather have something a little more enclosed just in case. This might be an OK solution for a basement or someone’s really expensive mancave.┬áThis isn’t the first home shooting range we posted, a while back we had a post about a modular shooting range that’s a bit more elaborate with up to 12 shooting lanes and a high-quality HVAC filtration system. If fancy shooting ranges in your house is out of the question there’s always the iTarget.

    NOTE: Check local laws before doing this. In some cities discharging a firearm in the city limits is illegal in your home or not.

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