BLACKHAWK! Suppressors!

    BLACKHAWK!, makers of holsters, ballistic nylon bags/cases and entry tools has quietly announced a new line of sound suppressors to their product line. The details are scant at the moment, but from the looks of it, BLACKHAWK! will be offering a full line of silencers that will cover anything from .22lr to handguns to magnum centerfire rifle cartridges.


    Although the styling an aesthetics are unique, the mounting systems, end caps and other specifications have a striking resemblance to SilencerCo’s offerings. For example, the locking ring attached to the rifle mount pictured seems to match up with the ASR mount from SiCo.

    I am unaware of any of the current silencers on the market being licensed, rebranded, marketed and sold by a different company all together. Although I am having flashbacks to the Tracking Point/Dead Air Armament story we released as breaking news a few weeks ago.

    As I have said before, the more silencer companies (and silencers) on the market the better. Increased ownership will lead to demystifying suppressed weapons and hopefully someday leading to deregulation. So, for that matter, I don’t care where their cans are made – I say go BLACKHAWK!.

    As a global leader in tactical product innovation, BLACKHAWK! is excited to announce our entry into the world of sound suppressors. Built around proven designs, and coupled with patent pending BLACKHAWK! components.

    With seven models available ranging from .22 Rimfire up to 338 Lapua Magnum, there is a BLACKHAWK! suppressor built for your shooting platform. Constructed from superior materials which deliver superior noise reduction, our suppressors stand out from the competition.

    Check with your local firearms dealer for more information on the new debut and when delivery begins.


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