FNH Classic Machine Guns: BAR Model D vs FAL

    Got a chance to shoot some FNH classics while testing out some new steel targets coming out soon. The FN BAR Model D was caliber converted to shoot .308 using FAL mags.



    This particular FN BAR was imported from Colombia. FullSizeRender_1



    Receiver stamping is a bit worn.


    Magazine spacer for FAL Mags


    The FN BAR Model D was very pleasant to shoot. The cyclic rate has two settings. I only shot it on the slow setting. Which is about 350 rpm. Due to the weight, the recoil is very manageable compared to the FAL.

    I hardly shoot rifles prone so I was not accustomed to shouldering the FAL on the ground. The sharp recoil was hitting my collar bone. On the advisement of my friend Scott H., I cupped the shoulder pad of the stock, rather than cradling the bottom to hold it up. This offered more cushion for the pushin’ when shooting the FAL for longer bursts. You can see this in the video below.


    FullSizeRender_4 FullSizeRender_5

    Not sure what the tree stamping is for. Scott H. believes it is is the importer markings.



    Shooting 50 yard steel targets was harder than I had anticipated. I was using the irons but as soon as the gun goes off I just see a blur and cannot see the irons. My vision is obscured by too much vibrating metal. Scott recommended I pick my head up and look over the irons to see the hits down range. it was much easier to correct and walk the shots on target. Once I got used to the FAL I still only managed less than 50% hit ratio on full auto. It was easier and more manageable to shoot off hand. I got 13 out of 20 shots on the target.

    .308 ammo was provided by ZQi Ammunition.

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