Coaches Club Cannons: Flying Bowling Balls

    Growing up watching Magnum P.I. probably had a major influence in both my career choice and my interest in firearms. Thomas Magnum was a suave private detective that drove a Ferrari, carried a 1911 and solved complex problems with calculated precision. He and his ex-special forces Vietnam Veteran buddies would often team up to fight crime with camouflage, helicopters and always threw in a bit of humor.

    But I digress. In the opening credits of Magnum, Higgins, the English “caretaker” of Robin Masters Hawaiian estate (Robin’s Nest), is seen firing a small cannon on a wooden carriage. In the full episode, Higgins is seen using the same cannon, a 1890’s vintage Signal Cannon built by the Strong Fire Arms Company of New Haven, Connecticut.  Although Strong only makes replica and yachting cannons these days, I’ve always wanted my own replica black powder cannon that could fire standard (affordable) ammunition and would not require the tax stamps and storage regulations necessary to own Destructive Devices.


    Enter Coaches Club Cannons, a Utah-based business specializing in the manufacture and sales of real black powder cannons. Because the cannons are patterned after devices used in the 19th century, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) classifies them as ‘primitive’ and do not fall within the scope of the National Firearms Act (NFA). However, you should always check your state and local laws before buying any type of artillery.


    My favorite model is the Mountain Howitzer that is capable of firing billiard balls.


    But if you have the space, the bowling ball mortar also looks like it would be a riot at birthday parties, Fourth of July celebrations, funerals and any other time you want to launch a 10 pound ball 3000 yards.


    Of course, for those of you that have given up golf for good, the smaller mortars could be a good fit. It definitely gives new meaning to the term “let’s grab a bucket of balls and head out to the range”.

    Coaches Club was founded in 2006 by Rick Anderson. Rick has spent his career as a teacher, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, award winning historical model builder and strength coach for the Utah Jazz. His experience also includes 35 years of designing, manufacturing and innovating commercial strength and endurance equipment. Rick has always had a tremendous interest in military history and artillery. Rick has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge and expertise as an entrepreneur and a coach.  Remembering how much fun he had as a boy, “blowing things up” he created Coaches Club Cannons.

    At Coaches Club Cannons we love creating both replica and custom cannons for our clients. Our cannon styles include 20th Century style artillery and an extensive line of more traditional 18th and 19th century designs. Our team of skilled and dedicated craftsmen ensures that our high quality products are fun and safe. Coaches Club creates products that last a lifetime.

    Coaches Club Cannons –

    MSRP: $350 to $1,500 (est)

     574 East 6870 South Midvale, UT 84047
     (385) 312-0811

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