[Breaking] Mossberg Suing Manufacturers of Drop-In Triggers

    In another instance of the firearms industry feeding on it’s own, it appears that Mossberg is exercising it’s control on the original Chip McCormick patent (US 7,293,385 B2), that it acquired a while ago, and bringing lawsuits against a number of manufacturers of drop in triggers.

    Mossberg currently licenses the design to the new CMC company, who has apparently decided to get Mossberg to go after their competition, i.e. anyone making drop in triggers.

    A list of some of the companies that are currently named in the lawsuit(s) are:

    • DOA Arms
    • Tactical Fire Control
    • Battle Tested Equipment
    • Patriot Ordnance Factory
    • RISE Armaments (whose triggers I swear by)
    • T Vehr Manufacturing
    • Elftmann Gun Products

    RA APT - trigger 1-500x500

    While I do understand the need for protecting intellectual property in some cases, I personally have a problem with companies that buy up (or otherwise acquire patents for) items they did not innovate. IF you are the original innovator, then, okay, you should be able to reap some advantages for a period of time to capitalize on your product. However if you are using patents as an investment and/or speculative arrangement (or to otherwise stifle innovation), I strongly disagree (though the law clearly doesn’t support my opinion).

    One may also question the timing of the lawsuits just as the NRA show begins.

    I currently only own one Mossberg product (my 930 JM Pro I use for 3-Gun). I am not aware of having used any of CMC’s products.


    As this is a new (and breaking) story, when we get more details/clarifications/corrections we will update here. In general I think this is a bad thing for the industry. So, readers, let’s get a discussion going. Do you agree with the intent of the suit? Disagree? Could care less?

    Phil Note: From our sources it seems all companies making drop in triggers will be targeted with the companies listed being the first. Should Mossberg win this will kill some companies who only make drop in triggers. Considering the cost of a court defense that could also cause some to close their doors.TFB has verified the filing of these suits and have court documents in hand

    Update: A total of 12 companies have been sued since 5/18/2016. Link to original McCormick patent https://www.google.com/patents/US7293385

    UPDATE: Read more about the Patent situation here:

    BREAKING: The Truth Behind Drop-in AR-15 Triggers. They Date Back to 1998.

    UPDATE: CMC makes a statement:

    CMC Triggers Makes Statement

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