QLine Design: Craftsmanship With a Secret

    A coffee table with a hidden compartment activated with an RFID card.

    In a world of mass-produced, injection molded guns and gear, it is refreshing to know that real craftsmanship still exists. QLine Design, a custom furniture manufacturer, combines functional artwork with a blend of technology to create hidden compartments that can store pistols, rifles, jewelry, documents and anything else you want to keep secret.


    The secret compartments in this nightstand are opened with an RFID card.


    An RFID card, paired with the locking system, activates the hidden compartment.

    Headquartered in an old church in Kingston, New Hampshire, QLine’s workshop and showroom is a woodworker’s dream. From classic hand tools to the latest CNC machinery; the QLine team has the ability to work with any type, size and shape of wood imaginable.


    Tools of the trade.

    “We handcraft quality furniture and then find ways to make hidden compartments”, says Matthew Dworman, (aka ‘Q’) Chief Gadget Officer of QLine Design. “Other companies have imitated our style by creating a hidden compartment and trying to mass-produce furniture around it.” Dworman, an avid shooter, has always been a tinkerer at heart. As a kid he was always taking apart old machines and designing gadgets, and as adult he has building one-of-a-kind furniture for over 25 years.


    Guns and coffee tables.

    Dworman and his team have designed and built museum-quality pieces for customers around the world. One of QLine’s projects included a vault door and multi-piece bookshelf in a “command center” of the home of a CEO for a large firearms company. One of his latest projects, a stunning walnut dining room table was designed with two large hidden compartments. Functional but elegant, the table could easily be the setting for a high-society dinner.


    My father’s Belgium-made Browning pairs nicely in this QLine nightstand.

    We handcraft quality furniture and then find ways to make hidden compartments, ‘Q’ – QLine Design


    Multiple compartments.

    Many customers come to QLine after having a gun safe stolen out of their home or business and they have decided to conceal their valuables rather than opt for the highest level of security. Available in push-button, friction lock, magnet release and RFID, each QLine compartment can be customized to meet the needs of the user.


    Rare earth magnets are embedded into certain pieces to hold items like a pistol in place.

    QLine uses the best materials and hardware available, although he has made suggestions to clients who ask for projects to be done in rare woods. “I’ve had a customer request to have a bookcase made completely out of Ebony, which, besides being very expensive is also endangered.” But when it comes to difficult projects, Dworman has never said no. “I love it when customers bring me a challenge.”


    These stainless steel door hinges can hold up to 250 pounds each.


    No big-box hardware here.


    Multiple secret compartments.

    As with anything in this world, superior quality comes with a price. QLine’s furniture ranges from $1000 to $15,000 to start, which can be shocking until you consider that you are getting a top of the line piece of furniture on top of several layers of secure storage. “It can take up to 60 hours to create just one custom made nightstand with multiple hidden compartments,” says Dworman. Lead times on some pieces range from two to four months depending on the level of complexity and the need for a custom installation.


    The superb joining work and finishing make the hidden compartments nearly impossible to find.



    If you haven’t already figured it out, the ‘Q’ in QLine is a not-so-subtle reference to the iconic quartermaster in Ian Fleming’s ‘James Bond’ series. After seeing the impeccable detail and quality of QLine’s offerings, any one of these pieces would fit right at home in a Bond movie. I can picture an ever-vigilant Bond activating a secret compartment in the middle of the night to reach his Walther PPK as assassins repel from the ceiling.


    A cedar-lined chest with multiple hidden compartments.


    Incredible detail.


    An Splined Miter joint creates the illusion of a seamless corner.

    As a master craftsman, Dworman was building custom furniture for years before he started incorporating hidden compartments. After designing and building a bookcase with seemingly countless hideaways for items as small as knives and jewelry and as large a rifle and a full loadout, Dworman uploaded a video of the invention to YouTube. The posting gathered over a million views and the rest was history. “The response was huge,” says ‘Q”.

    One day, when I hit it big, I’m going to frame out a Saltbox Colonial and have ‘Q’ finish the inside with secret passageways and hidden compartments in every room. I just can’t decide if I want to be Bond or the villain.

    QLine will be at booth 4658 for the NRA National Meeting.

    QLine Design





    From QLine’s website:

    “I invite you to challenge me to create new designs specific to your needs – both aesthetically and functionally. We love custom projects and the smile on our customers’ faces when they receive that perfect piece that they will cherish and pass on to future generations.”



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