Army Green SIGs

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
SIG Army Green

SIG SAUER and Talo Distributors teamed up to release a series of two-tone guns that are now available. The new guns use an Army Green anodized frame with the standard black Nitron slide and controls.

The new models are:


This is a variation of the company’s popular .380 ACP single action pistols. It has the standard 2.7″ barrel and seven round steel magazine. SIGLITE night sights and Hogue black rubber grips are included on this gun.


An upsized version of the P238, the P938 is a 9mm SAO handgun. It also uses black Hogue rubber grips and is fitted with the company’s night sights. It comes with a single extended seven round magazine.


These larger 9mm pistols are outfitted with night sights and come with a pair of magazines. Two variations are available: 15 round mags for free states and 10 round magazines for states with arbitrary magazine capacity restrictions imposed on its citizens.


SIG SAUER has become a fairly substantial producer of 1911 style pistols. This particular model has a 4.2″ barrel and is chambered in .45 ACP. It has SIGLITE night sights and is also fitted with Hogue rubber grips. It comes with two seven round magazines.

These guns should be available at local stores, and dealers should be able to order them if they are not carried in local inventory.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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