HexMag Granted Patent on Standard Capacity Magazine “True Riser” System

    The space can be used for storage.

    HexMag, known for their hexagonal magazines (who’d a thunk?), has been granted a patent for their “True Riser” magazine capacity reduction system. In short, the True Riser is an set of parts that when combined with a standard capacity magazine, reduces the capacity of the magazine to the designed size.

    The True Riser system comprises of the riser itself, and a shorter spring, which when combined make it impossible for one to increase the capacity of the magazine back to the full 30 rounds without other components. This is key, as the True Riser system is then fully legal in all restricted capacity locales throughout the United States (no word on export to our Canadian friends).


    True Riser equipped magazines maintain the standard capacity magazine external shell. This is great for those wanting easy compatibility with common load carrying gear or those concerned about aesthetics (I agree, short magazines do look wonky in modern sporting rifles).

    Retail pricing ($14.99) for the magazine stays the same for any of the True Riser equipped magazines. True Riser magazines come in both 10 round (CA, CT, DC, etc.) and 15 round (CO and NJ) legal configurations. They are available now through their website. The True Riser equipped magazines maintain their compatability with the HexMag HexID system.

    Nathan S

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