X95 Accuracy vs Colt Rack-Grade 6920 M4 by Military Arms Channel

    The X95 was released to the market with much fanfare. Focusing on streamlining the operations of the rifle, IWI had a veritable second “home run” on its hands after the original Tavor, but the weapon has been criticized for poor accuracy. Our Nathaniel F caught the first wind of the X95 having issues and again reported on it after Tim from Military Arms Channel put it through some respectable testing.

    Knowing the storm of criticism that would come from such a video and responding to it with grace, Tim has released a second video (with our own Miles V shooting!) comparing the X95 to a “rack-grade” Colt 6920 LE carbine. Tim and team likewise change up the ammunition used, moving from match ammunition to common M-193 (Wolf Gold) and some 52 grain Black Hills re-manufactured match.

    With consistent results across three shooters, the rack-grade Colt came out on top. Using a 15 shot group, the Colt is about 2.75″ groups and the X95 comes in at nearly 3.25″ with the group reportedly walking. Moving to 5 shot groups across the shooters, the X95 continued to show inconsistencies.

    Tim states that the X95 is “slightly less accurate” than the rack-grade M4. I arrive at a different conclusion, as differences between groups show the X95 around 20% less accurate than the common M4. Heaven forbid I make a cost comparison, but that M4 is substantially less expensive than the Tavor.

    My take? If that is the Tavor’s continued accuracy, its $2000 that one should hold on to for the Desert Tech MDR and other platforms coming down the pike.

    Or, IWI should open the platform to barrel manufacturers to offer their own sticks for the system.


    Nathan S

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