Sig Sauer’s Elite Performance Ammunition Moving

    Elite Performance Ammunition

    Sig Sauer has been planning a move of their Elite Performance Ammunition plant for quite some time. The Arkansas Economic Development Commission first released the news on May 4th of Sig Sauer‘s intentions. Their current Elite Performance Ammunition plant is located in Eubank, Kentucky and will be re-located to Jacksonville, Arkansas by year’s end.

    The new location will employ approximately 50 people with room for expansion. Sig Sauer cited the greatest benefit of moving to Arkansas will be the economic incentives given by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. Governor Hutchinson attempted to woo and court Sig Sauer to the state for several months and was obviously successful in doing so. Sig Sauer also stated going to Arkansas was swayed by the good logistics for shipping in the region and the ability to expand the company in the future.

    This is good for Sig Sauer’s vision of increased R&D, ballistics testing, and improving their burgeoning line of Elite Performance Ammunition. They want to compete in more than domestic markets. They want to be competitive on an international scale. This strategic re-location should ensure this happens.

    Sig Sauer believes this transition will cement themselves as a truly complete firearms company. Within the last 2-3 years they have introduced silencers, optics, and most recently ammunition to their portfolio of product offerings. These additions are not ho-hum products either. They are all competing in the top of their respective product categories within the industry.

    Many companies like Federal Premium, Winchester, and Hornady can not keep up with the current demands of the reloading and ammunition industries. This should bode well for Sig Sauer as they attempt to grow their market share and international presence.

    Be on the watch for Sig Sauer to continually add new product lines as they compete on a grander scale throughout 2016 and the future.

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