Lehigh’s New High Performance .32 ACP

    In years only recently past it was all about caliber. Not to say caliber does not remain important today, because it most certainly does, but simply to say ballistics have come a long way. A round that was once seen as insignificant – at least in some circles – might now be deemed capable, if not desirable. For shooters who prefer smaller rounds for one reason or another the advances in ballistics are a great thing, because it means the round they truly favor now packs a much better punch. Enter Lehigh’s newest addition, the Xtreme Cavitator. In .32 ACP.


    According to Lehigh, customers were the impetus behind the creation of this new bullet technology. Customers wanted a “high performance round” in smaller cartridges, and after Lehigh met the demand in .380 ACP they moved on to .32 ACP. So how does this new defense round work? In Lehigh’s words the new technology simply utilizes a “unique nose geometry to create a pressure spike at the nose creating an envelope of air around the bullet as it passes through the target.” This, in turn, allows the projectile to penetrate the target more deeply and create a more devastating wound. If you’re confused, they suggest you take a look at the Russian’s super cavitation torpedoes, which take advantage of similar physics.

    MSRP $26.50 for a box of 20. Take a look here. Interested in reloading? Bullets can be purchased for an MSRP of $28.00 for a box of 50 here.


    • Cartridge:  32 Auto
    • Bullet weight (gr):  50
    • Box qty:  20
    • Velocity (fps):  925
    • OAL (in):  .945
    • Penetration (in):  13.5
    • Wound cavity (in):  1.5
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