BR4 Cutlass

    Battle Rifle Company Cutlass

    Battle Rifle Company announced a new AR-style rifle called the BR4 Cutlass. According to the company, the rifle is specifically designed for maritime security use.

    Obviously, one of the concerns that many people have when it comes to using and maintaining a weapon around the water is corrosion and its impact on reliability. Battle Rifle Company states the guns are built with no ferrous metal to metal contact which will result “…in corrosion free operation, even after months at sea.”

    Among the features of this rifle:

    • NP3 treated fire control components
    • NP3 treated bolt carrier group
    • stainless steel pins and other parts in the lower
    • all stainless steel springs

    Battle Rifle Company states that this gun is an extension of the Trident rifle that was also built for maritime security use. One of the major differences between the two guns is this rifle (the Cutlass) has a free floating barrel. The 16″ barrel in the Cutlass has been cryogenically treated and has a 1:7″ twist. Chrome lined barrels are optional.

    The suggested retail price of this long gun is $1,595. Both semi automatic and select fire versions of the gun are available. Special restrictions apply to the purchase of the NFA weapons, of course.

    The gun is not yet on the company’s website, but it should be soon.

    Richard Johnson

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