14.5mm Suppressed Rifle In Eastern Ukraine

    This video was posted on Live Leak showing a 14.5mm sniper rifle. The rifle is based off of the Open Joint Stock Company’s 2×35 Inserted unified self-loading gun. Or in Cyrillic: Вкладная унифицированная самозарядная пушка «2Х35»

    Click here to watch the video.

    According to Open Joint Stock Company’s website it seems as though it is a caliber conversion for a 125mm gun.

    It is designed for carrying out exercising and training fire without basic ammunition expense equipped with the main systems with caliber of 125mm. The inserted gun is located in the loading breech and breech ring of the main system.

    Firing is analogous to firing with the main system. Electric trigger of the inserted gun is supplied from on-board main of the fighting vehicle directly or from the block of loading simulator.

    This very cartridge provides the full coincidence of the bullet trajectory with the main shot trajectory, that helps to fulfil the training tasks more economic and effectively.


    It is interesting they have a suppressor on such a large weapon. I am curious as to what they would use this for? Anti-Material?


    Here are the specs.

    Technical Characteristics
    Calibre, mm 14.5
    Initial speed of a bullet, m/s 980
    Capacity of a clip, pieces 6
    Tension in the electric trigger circuit, V 22-29
    Resource, shot 6000
    Overall dimensions, mm 1660×175×350
    Mass, kg, not more than 29
    Rate of fire, shot/min, not more than 10