Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle

    Gamo Whisper Fusion

    Gamo Outdoor USA announced a new air rifle called the Whisper Fusion Mach 1. The new Whisper Fusion Mach 1, or WFM1 for short, uses the company’s IGT Mach 1 gas cylinder (33mm) to launch projectiles.

    With the IGT Mach 1 system, the WFM1 air rifle slings .177 caliber pellets downrange at velocities up to 1,420 fps. Likewise, .22 caliber pellets can make for 1,200 fps. Both of those velocities were measured using PBA Platinum Ammo.

    Gamo uses the Custom Action Trigger (CAT) in these guns. The CAT allows the owner to adjust both the first and second stages of the trigger pull.

    Of course, with Whisper in the name, you might expect some kind of sound suppression. You would be justified in thinking so, as the company uses something called Whisper Fusion technology to help reduce noise from the rifle. The sound suppression is integral to the body of the steel barrel. The company claims a noise reduction of up to 89.5% when compared to standard air rifles.

    To help reduce felt recoil, the company uses a Shock Wave Absorber (SWA) recoil pad matched with a molded cheekpiece. Gamo states these items can reduce felt recoil up to 74%. Additionally, the company uses a Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR) to lessen the impact of recoil on a mounted optic. According to Gamo, the recoil impulse to the scope is reduced by almost 100%.

    The air rifle comes with a 3-9x 40 AO scope. The MSRP is $249.99 for both calibers.

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