Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos Copper Ammo in 300 BLK


    Lehigh Defense announced the release of a new load for the 300 BLK: the 115 grain Controlled Chaos Copper. Also called the CCCu, the Controlled Chaos Copper round is designed to work well as both a self defense and hunting round. Additionally, the company claims it works well out of both SBR and carbine length barrels.

    According to Lehigh Defense, the load uses an all copper hollow point that will expand at a wide range of velocities: from 1,400 fps to more than 2,600 fps. The ability to expand at 1,400 fps gives the company a greater degree of confidence that expansion will happen at longer ranges and from short barreled guns.

    Of course, the Lehigh Defense bullet does not expand in a traditional manner. Rather, this round is designed to fragment when it expands. At full expansion, the bullet will break into seven pieces. A center, wadcutter-like piece should penetrate deeply in a mostly straight line. The remaining six pieces are supposed to split off and form other wound tracks.

    In theory, more wound tracks suggest more bleeding. Short of a shot to the central nervous system, rapid blood loss is generally acknowledged as the quickest way to stopping an attacker. Whether this round accomplishes that remains to be seen.

    These bulelts are different than the ones loaded in the company’s Close Quarters ammunition. The bullet in this load is 115 grains and has a muzzle velocity of 2,225 fps. At 325 yards from a 10″ barrel, Lehigh Defense estimates the bullet velocity at 1,406 fps. So, assuming you hit your target, that would seem to be the outer edge of reliable expansion.

    The company advised they will be releasing a video of this ammo performing at 400 yards. I am interested to see that.

    The MSRP for a box of 20 is $25.

    Lehigh Defense is also selling the CCCu bullets to Underwood Ammo. Underwood is loading a 300 BLK cartridge with this bullet to 2,360 fps.

    Tom R. previously tested and reviewed a variety of handgun ammo including a load from Lehigh Defense.

    Richard Johnson

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