“Suppressor Export Act” of 2016

    Suppressor Export Act of 2016

    The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is always fighting hard for our rights with everything related to silencers. This past Friday, April 29th they helped get another bill from pen to paper which will help silencer manufacturers in overseas sales.

    Currently, US silencer manufacturers cannot sell their product to other countries as a result of a small provision written in 2002. The actual memo is unknown to the public and the ASA has requested the State Department make the information public. So far their request has been ignored.

    What the “Suppressor Export Act (SEA),” or H.R. 5135, looks to effectively accomplish is allow for the US to sell silencers to foreign markets. There currently are many countries, foreign militaries, and global law enforcement agencies that view US-made silencers as the best in the world. It’s a market that could be easily tapped into and create more American jobs if there were not roadblocks in the way.

    Republican Congressman Chris Stewart of Utah’s 2nd District (R-UT-02) introduced HR 5135 and it immediately received backing from 17 co-sponsors.

    The silencer company with the largest market share of the US suppressor industry is actually from Stewart’s home state of Utah. Silencerco may only be 6 years old, but they have quickly cemented themselves as THE silencer company in the US. If the Suppressor Export Act were to pass Silencerco and many others could experience a lot of growth. This is good for the US economy, employment, and many other cascading benefits.

    Knox Williams, the president of the ASA, stated:

    With no legitimate justification, the State Department is unilaterally preventing American manufacturers from competing in countries like the UK, France, and Norway. While they may be willing to sacrifice domestic manufacturing jobs, we are not. We applaud Representative Stewart and the 17 original cosponsors who have signed on to the Suppressor Export Act for their willingness to stand up to the State Department and let them know that American jobs are worth more than bad policy based on old misconceptions.

    A summary of the Suppressor Export Act can be seen HERE.

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