New Real Avid Gun Mats

    One of the shelves in my gun room contains a stack of gun mats. These mats are meant to be used while cleaning guns and vary in size as well as by what is written on them. Some are simply marked by a company or manufacturer’s name and logo while others are covered in a diagram labeling each and every part of a specific gun. Others are solid back. A few are magnetic. Something does seem to be missing, though, and that’s an instructional gun mat. Now Real Avid is filling the gap with their new Smart Mat line.

    Smart Mat gun mats are designed for both new gun owners and those who might need – or want – a refresher now and then. They come with instructions on takedown and cleaning printed on them, and they’re platform-specific. Mats made for specific guns are offered for the AR-15, AK-47, and 1911. In addition there are also options detailing universal instructions such as their gun and handgun mats. There’s more to these mats than just instructions, though.

    These mats are padded to protect whatever lies beneath your work in progress, skid-resistant, and oil-resistant. They also come with what Real Avid calls a “parts keeper” tray, which is a magnetic compartment meant for the various pins and parts you really don’t want to lose track of during the cleaning process.

    The Smart Mat looks like an interesting new product. I’ve actually looked for a similar product while hunting for gear for new gun owners, so this certainly seems like it’ll fulfill the needs of some shooters.

    MSRP varies by mat and is listed below. Visit for a look at their full product line.

    Product Specs

    · 43″ x 16″ padded cleaning mat (AR15, AK47, Gun)

    · 19″ x 16″ padded cleaning mat (1911, Handgun)

    · Oil resistant work surface

    · Parts keeper tray

    · Magnetic holder in parts keeper tray

    · Illustrated disassembly instructions (AR15, 1911, AK47)

    · MSRP $19.99 (AR15, AK47, Gun)

    · MSRP $14.99 (191, Handgun)

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