POTD: Suppress Everything

    Great photo by our very own Nathan S.

    Here are the details of the guns above.


    Beretta 1301 Configuration

    -“Competition” Model – 23”

    -SilencerCo Salvo 12 (full 12” Configuration)

    -Kick-OFF Installed

    Faxon ARAK-21 Configuration:

    Custom Cerakoted by Black Dove Customs (link to them, please)

    -ARAK-21 Ambi Port Upper Receiver – 3x Calibers – 7.62×39 (shown), 5.56, & 300 BLK

    -SilencerCo ASR Brake

    -SilencerCo Omega via ASR Mount

    -Primary Weapons Advanced Micro Dot

    -Spikes Tactical Hellbreaker Lower Receiver

    -HiperFire 24C trigger with 7.62×39 Spring Set

    -Magpul ACS-L Stock

    -Norgon Ambi Catch

    -Seekins Precision Billet Bolt Catch/Release

    -Battle Arms Development Pin Set

    -ODIN Works Mag Release Button

    -MagPul MOE+ Grip