Bersa’s Thunder in Rainbows

    Davidsons Bersa OD

    Eagle Imports announced a new series of Bersa Thunder pistols that sport a variety of non-traditional colors. Eagle Imports, the United States based importer of Bersa firearms, has partnered with gun distributer Davidson’s on this project.

    The new Thunder pistols will be available in four colors: blue, OD green, purple and pink. These will be limited runs, but as with most things in a market economy, consumer demand could make one or more of these a permanent addition. Also, if the project proves to be a commercial success, I would not be surprised to see additional colors offered by the companies in the future.

    Davidsons Bersa purple

    If you are not familiar with the Bersa Thunder, it is a compact .380 ACP that bears a resemblance to the Walther PPK. Back in the 1990’s, concealed carry was becoming more and more common. Also at that time, there were fewer compact semi-auto pistols for carrying. The Thunder was seen by many as an affordable option, and it built a fairly solid reputation for reliability.

    Even though Bersa has introduced more powerful and flatter pistols like the BP9CC, the Thunder remains popular with many. The gun has a 8+1 capacity and 3.5″ barrel. Unloaded, it weighs 20 ounces. The design uses the traditional DA/SA trigger system.

    Davidsons Bersa blue

    Although not part of the new color program, Bersa did expand the Thunder line earlier this year with the Combat Plus pistols. Those guns have a double stack magazine, allowing you to carry 15+1 rounds of .380.

    Even with the limited edition colors, the price remains affordable: $341 retail.

    Richard Johnson

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