Is the IWI X95 Having Accuracy Issues?

    The X95 has just hit the US market after a firestorm of buzz surrounding the rifle’s launch in January at the 2016 SHOT Show. However, reports from indicate that the initial batch of rifles may be experiencing some accuracy-related issues. User AJBello on the popular gun forum posted pictures of groups his new rifle shot with a variety of ammunition, including many match-grade brands, compared with groups shot with the same ammunition from his SBR’ed Bravo Company Machine AR-15. The groups showed a great deal of variation in the groups, from over 2.5″ minimum extreme spread to almost 5″ with IWI M855:


    Image source: AJBello,


    A second string of fire with better support showed almost no change:


    Image source: AJBello,



    Image source: AJBello,

    We have been covering the Tavor and the X95 rifles closely for many years here at TFB, and we were one of the first outlets to post a review of the X95, with Edward O giving his impressions of an X95 demoed at the Kentucky Bullpup Convention in December of 2014, more than a year before the rifle was announced for the US civilian market.

    The X95 improves on the Tavor in ergonomics, handling, and – outside of the US – size. If the problems with the rifle, such as they exist, shake out, it will prove to be a very strong bullpup offering.


    Nathaniel F

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