How NOT to go about handgun shooting

    In a video put on the internet in 2015, and with over 500,000 views in Brazil, we have a classic walk through on how not to go about the proper fundamentals of handgun marksmanship. I will give the Brazilian police shooter credit in that she kept the firearm pointed downrange at all times. However, that is about the only proper thing she did right. From being unable to engage her target from the standing, then the kneeling, she goes into the prone. Once in the prone, she uses trigger fingers from both hands on the trigger to discharge the firearm. I’m not sure the concept of recoil was familiar to her that day, but thereafter I’m sure she learned her lesson when the recoiling handgun was sent flying back into her forehead, giving her a solid cut and making her bleed.

    I don’t find videos on the internet of women shooting large caliber handguns or shotguns and then getting hurt in the process very funny at all. If anything it is indicative of poorly taught marksmanship and shameful on behalf of the owners that have them shoot such large caliber firearms just to watch them become hurt because of it. But in this case, the individual was not using a large caliber firearm she was unfamiliar with, but was supposedly a trained police officer using her service handgun.

    And a news report in Portuguese on the matter

    A similar situation where a Brazilian Police officer runs into the same problem

    And if that isn’t interesting enough, check out this Danish Madsen in use alongside Brazilian police officers! It has since been retired.



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