New Kel Tec Updates with Military Arms Channel

    Not content to have their current products always out of stock, Kel Tec is pushing to release new products this year that will likewise almost always be out of stock. Sitting down with Tim from Military Arms Channel, Kel Tec front-man Chad breaks down some of the upcoming offerings from the company.

    The primary path for expansion includes new models for the RDB or “Rifle, Downward Ejecting, Bullpup.” With rifles now in full production, Kel Tec is looking to expand its offerings including chamberings for the 6.5 Grendel. For velocity lovers, those barrel lengths should be 20″ and 24″.

    For those in “restricted states” a “conventional” rifle stock version of the RBD called the “RDB-C” will soon be available. By removing the pistol grip and muzzle device, the rifle becomes fifty-state legal and allows the shooter to maintain an easily removable magazine. (If I may say, its actually quite handsome for its capabilities).

    Chad also let it slip that the RDB will eventually get a .308 bigger brother stating that the RFB (Rifle, Forward Ejecting, Bullpup) was slowly becoming obsolete, especially with its choice of magazine (FAL) which at the time was plentiful and inexpensive. With the rise of the SR-25 pattern magazine, the RFB is getting old in the tooth and with the completely ambidextrous RDB technology gaining steam, it makes sense that a bigger brother will be available soon.

    No word on how they are going to solve the greatly increased length-of-pull by moving to the downward ejecting .308.

    Nathan S

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