Ferfrans CRD Shield and SI Muzzle Brake Combos

    Muzzle devices with blast shields/diverters were so last year, but it looks like companies are still coming out with their own versions. In the case of Strike Industries they’re collaborating with one of the most popular blast diverter brands around. Remember the Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake? Well now you can buy a combo pack that includes a Ferfrans Concussion Reduction Device (or CRD) and one of Strike Industries muzzle brakes.

    What’s all the hoopla with these blast shields? Well if you’ve ever fired a rifle with an aggressive muzzle brake or comp then you know they’re quite loud and concussive. Stand to the side of anyone shooting with one and you’ll feel and hear that blast. The idea behind all these shield devices is to redirect that blast forward away from the shooter and people to the sides. If you still want the recoil reduction and minimized muzzle rise and don’t care about those around you then you can simply remove the shield.


    Strike Industries has paired the Ferfrans CRD (blast shield) with either of their four muzzle brakes/comps. You can get a Ferfrans CRD with either a Strike Industries Checkmate Comp, Kingcomp, Venom Flash Hider or Triple Crown comp.

    The combo packs start at $179.95 over at strikeindustries.com.

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