DRT Elite Series .223 Ammo Vs Windshield/Concrete/Gel/Meat/Wood

    Andrew of GY6 Vids is at it again. After his video of the DRT .308win Terminal Shock Ammo, Andrew received comments and requests to do it again this time with .223 and shooting it at different barriers before hitting ballistics gelatin. Like the previous video about the .308 ammo, he reuses the same ballistics gelatin for a number of shots and that makes me wonder if the gel block is compromised by the previous shots.

    Regardless of the structural integrity of the ballistics gelatin, the DRT .223 Elite Series ammo performed well.

    DRT 223

    DRT ammo defeating a concrete block


    DRT 223 3

    DRT .223 ammo defeating a Suburban windshield.

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