.30 M1 Carbine “Scout” Version Released by Inland Manufacturing

    Inland Manufacturing, known for their new reproduction manufacturing of historical rifles, has announced the release of their M1 “Scout” carbine. The new Scout adds modern features to the M1 carbine that allow the use of modern accessories and bring the rifle in line with Jeff Cooper’s true “Scout” rifle concept that was popular in the 1980’s and enjoys support today.

    The primary additions to the weapon system are the inclusion of a picatinny rail mounted forward of the ejection port and the use of a threaded barrel. The picatinny rail is mounted directly to the barrel, which may effect accuracy (though not much, as the barrel was never free-floated in the M1), but will ensure the optic or accessory is always aligned to the bore. The threaded barrel features a conical “military-style” flash suppressor.


    On the barrel thread, I am highly surprised to see it listed as 1/2×28 thread pitch, which is common for .22 caliber weapons. For most .30 cal weapons, the common thread is 5/8×24. The smaller diameter threads does not leave much material to support the use of suppressors.

    Keeping with tradition, the weapon maintains the original iron sights and magazine compatibility, allowing the use of original 10, 20, and 30 round box magazines. Unusually, the weapon will ship with a 15 round magazine (10 for those in restricted states or locales). The stock is still walnut, but sprayed with “proprietary industrial texturized polymer”.

    MSRP is pegged at only $1,239 in the press release (which does conflict with the flyer photo shown above), available from MKS Supply. 

    Nathan S

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