Magnum Research Releases “Black Tiger Stripe” Desert Eagles

    Magnum Research, known for their large caliber handguns, has announced the release of their latest versions, this time adding in black tiger stripes. The new coloration is likely oriented for their customers who collect the handguns, as their other colors including…

    • Black
    • Polished Chrome
    • Titanium Gold
    • Brushed Metal
    • 24K Gold
    • Satin Nickel
    • Burnt Bronze
    • Cheetah
    • Tungsten
    • Krypteck
    • Kryptek Highlander
    • & Zebra

    … have not yet exhausted their owner’s pocket books.

    The new pattern is offered on two caliber configurations of the Desert Eagle .44 Magnum and .50 AE, which are (of course) the largest that Magnum Research offers.

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    Both versions maintain their standard features. The .50 AE maintains a 7+1 capacity and the .44 Magnum clocks in a 8+1. Length is 10.75″, width is only 1.25″, and height at 6.25″ keeps the handguns large, but still slightly practical. Weight is the killer; just about 4 lbs, 6 ounces for both, though the .50 AE is slightly lighter both with an empty magazine. To put it in perspective, one can build an AR-15 for lighter than they can get a Desert Eagle. The integral rail remains mounted to the barrel for red-dot or other accessory mounting.

    Still, I have to give Magnum Research credit. They know their target audience:

    “While there are many people that appreciate an unadorned pistol, there are still those that feel they need something more – something that complements their personality” stated Frank Harris, VP of Sales of Marketing. “To address those fans who want something ‘flashier’, we have introduced our handguns in multiple colors, polished gold or chrome and even animal prints. The Black Tiger Stripe Desert Eagle was first exhibited at the 2016 SHOT Show and already we anticipate it will be one of our more popular models.”

    MSRP is pegged at $1922 for the .50 AE and $1895 for the .44 Magnum.

    Nathan S

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