Alpha Dog Railed Silencer

    I came across this interesting suppressor in a post about the Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot. Alpha Dog Silencers will be there and having a raffle. I was more intrigued by their design. They have added a picatinny rail onto their silencer. Now we have seen useless rails on accessories but this might not be so bad. From the photos below, it appears that they incorporated non adjustable iron sights into the suppressor. I looked at their website and it seems this suppressor can be indexed at 12, 3, 6, and 9 O’clock positions. Allowing accessories to be positioned where ever the shooter prefers. I will be going to Stone Machine Gun Shoot on April 30 and will definitely be checking this suppressor out. I want to know if too much weight will cause the pistol to malfunction?



    There are a few benefits to having your accessories on the suppressor rail. Grip lasers will often hit the side of a suppressor.


    By mounting your light as far forward as possible, you can eliminate barrel shadow.


    Also by adding a red dot sight, you do not have to modify your gun to have a red dot. Since the suppressor indexes, I am curious how well a red dot can maintain zero on this suppressor design. And will heat be an issue for the optic or any accessory mounted to the suppressor?



    There is another reason to have a picatinny rail on a suppressor. MP5s. I cannot run my Surefire fore grip light on my Zenith Turkish MP5 with a suppressor at the same time. The head of the flashlight interferes with the body of a suppressor mounted onto the trilug. So having this suppressor on the MP5 I could run a flashlight at the same time.

    Here is a video I found of the Alpha Dog being used on a Glock.

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