Tracking Point Night Eagle

    TrackingPoint, known for their “precision guided firearms” (and corporate / financial issues) has released their latest version of their AR-15-based precision guided firearm, the NightEagle. The NightEagle is fundementally the same general rifle as their M600 Squad Level Precision Guided 5.56 Service Rifle, now adding in night-vision capability through an infrared sensitive CMOS sensor.

    Features touted by Tracking Point include:

    • Eliminates targets out to 400 yards
    • Tracks targets moving up to 10 MPH
    • Night vision capabilities (with IR illuminator attachment)
    • Image Stabilization enables off-hand on-the-move stalking
    • Records voice and video of all engagements
    • RapidLok™ Target Acquisition and Control System with computerized guided trigger

    Unfortunately, while the weapon can reach out to 400 yards, the night-vision function of the weapon is limited to about 200 yards, depending on the strengh of one’s deployed IR illuminator.

    The NightEagle also features “Zero Signature Lethality” which allows the user to shoot the weapon system without having to be deployed behind the weapon. Using their “ShotGlass”, one can stay hidden and fire the weapon.

    Pricing is coming down on the weapons. The first 100 customers are offered an introductory price of $7,995 with retail formally pegged at $10,490 (just above the M600).

    Financing plans are also available for up to 48 months, which puts payments at about $180/month, but the rifle only comes with a 30-day guarantee.


    Nathan S

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