Legacy Sports Introduces The Howa Archangel Rifle

    Legacy Sports International, parent company of the Howa brand of barreled actions and precision rifles has introduced their new Archangel rifle. Simply put, the new rifle is the same Howa actions paired with a custom Archangel stock for the action.


    Like its sister stocks, the Howa Archangle maintains the full click adjustable length of pull and comb pads. It is constructed of high-strength carbon-infused polymers. The action is bedded into aluminum pillars. The grip is a goose-neck style with palm swells molded in. For accessory mounting, the stock features front and rear flush cup adapters and a “flush-fit bi-pod push-button for one-handed deployment” (that is a lot of hyphens!).

    The Howa Archangel is available in short and long-action, starting with .223 Remington and .308 Winchester offerings. No word on future calibers, but given the likely popularity of the stock, I would suspect additional chamberings will be available soon. Reloading is easy using Howa’s detachable magazine system. A single 10 round magazine is included with each rifle.

    Rifles will be available as stocked actions or as a complete system with a Nikko Stirling Diamond Long Range optic. The optic features fully coated gass, 1/4 MOA adjustments, zero-stock turrets, and a HOLDFAST reticle. MSRP is set at $915 to $1130 depending on the barrel and package option selected.


    Now to hope that Howa really goes for a true precision partnership with JAE, whom the Archangel system is a near direct copy of. For additional details on the stock, check out Archangel’s wesbite (and note the hilarious URL). 

    Specs from Legacy:

    • Barrel Length 20 Inches (fluted and threaded barrel options), 24 Inches threaded barrel options
    • Barrel Contour #6
    • LOP 13.5 to 14.5 Inches
    • OAL 40-41 Inches (20 inch barrel), 44-45 Inches (24 inch barrel)
    • Weight 11.2 to 13.0 lbs
    Nathan S

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