Blackhawk Vehicle QD Med Pouch

    BlackHawk QD Med Pouch

    A lot of time is spent by shooters discussing tactics and gear, but little time is spent by most people on other survival skills and gear. For example, relatively few people know the basics of how to deal with a gunshot would, how to apply a tourniquet or even know what to do if someone is choking. Fewer still have the medical tools they might need in an emergency.

    While learning the skills is on you, Blackhawk is attempting to make it easier to have the tools on hand should you ever need them. The Vehicle QD Med Pouch allows you to attach a trauma kit to the headrest or visor of your car or truck. Should you ever need the equipment – say at the range after an accidental shooting or when driving down the road and you come across a motor vehicle collision – the pouch easily rips off of the mount to go with you.

    What you pack in the pouch is largely dependent on your level of training. Basic gear like a CPR barrier, gloves, Israeli bandage, QuikClot Combat Gauze, HALO chest seal and a SOF Tactical Tourniquet will make sense for a lot of people. For those with more advanced training, a decompression needle or NPA might also make sense.

    Hopefully, you will never need any of the items in the kit, but it is better to get the training and gear in case you ever are faced with a medical emergency. The life you save could be your own.

    The Blackhawk pouch has a MSRP of $41.95. In many cases, what you stuff it with should set you back less than $75. Pete took a look at the complete trauma kit offered by ITS Tactical. I have a similar kit from ITS and can vouch for its quality.

    Richard Johnson

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