SmitLoad Glock Mag Loader

    If you do a lot of shooting then I’m sure you probably have at least one kind of speed loader device in your range bag. Rifle and .22lr mags usually aren’t too difficult to load, but pistol mags can be tiresome after a while, especially Glock mags. Glocks now come with a mag loader from the factory which definitely helps save your thumbs after an entire day of shooting. There’s also the PlugLoader, it’s a handy little speed loader that fits in that empty spot behind the magwell on Glocks.

    Check out this new speed loader in the works that I stumbled upon on YouTube called the SmitLoad. It’s a 3D printed speed loader currently in development for Glock magazines. It kind of reminds me of the B&T Magazine Loader from that we posted about a while back, the way it loads magazines is very similar in that you have to use a flat vertical edge of a table to load the ammo into your mags. The B&T only works with MP5 mags however, and how many of us have MP5s? I wish I did! The new SmitLoad speed loader will work with 9mm Glock mags, I’m sure they’ll work on one for .40SW and .45acp after their first product launches. Currently there’s no pricing or a release date as of yet, check it out in action below and check out their site for future updates at


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