STI Guardian 2011

    Guardian DS

    STI International, Inc. introduced the Guardian 2011 this year. The gun takes the existing Guardian pistol from the 1911 platform and moves it to the 2011 for shooters wanting a little more ammo on tap.

    STI builds 1911 style handguns in two flavors: the traditional single stack models (their 1911 line) and wide body models (the company’s 2011 line). Previously, the Guardian was built only on a 1911 frame. The new model is built on the modern aluminum frame that takes double stack magazines without adding too much bulk.

    Guardian DS

    The Guardian 2011 is chambered only in 9mm and ships with a single 120mm magazine that will hold 15 rounds of the .355 caliber ammunition. This version of the gun has a 3.9″ bull barrel. The stainless slide is paired with the Cerakote finished black frame for a nice two tone effect. STI uses VIP black grips.

    The thumb safety is left side only. According to the company, the trigger pull weight ships at between 4 – 5 pounds. On top, STI uses a white dot front sight and a TAS two dot white sight on back. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price on this pistol is $1,899.

    Also this year, STI International introduced the Hex Tactical pistols. Those pistols are larger guns chambered for both 9mm and .45 ACP and are available in both frame types.

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