POTD: AMD-65 Parts Kit

    Thanks to Jeremy of Minnesota for sharing this picture with us.

    This was my first AKM build from a parts kit. I was drawn to the
    AMD-65 because of the muzzle break and that it was distinctly
    different than other models. I started the project knowing enough to
    be dangerous and learned a lot in the process. Due to the firearms
    laws in the US, a 16″ barrel was necessary to avoid NFA paperwork/tax.
    The new barrel I bought had a standard length gas port already
    drilled.  This posed a problem because the gas tube and piston are
    shorter on the AMD-65s. I replaced the piston with a standard AK
    piston and found a gas tube from a Saiga that was the right length. I
    then wire wheeled all the paint (tough stuff!) off all the parts and
    blued them. I know this is not how the AMD-65s were made originally,
    but since I had departed from the original design so much I figured I
    go with my preference of blued steel vs paint. I used a NoDak Spud
    receiver and a semi-auto fire control group. After headspacing the
    barrel, drilling, pinning and riveting everything together it was time
    for the test fire. It has functioned great since then. It also has
    proven quite accurate. It will remain my favorite AKM and always turns
    heads at the range.

    Here is a photo of the AMD-65 completed.