Moscow Police display confiscated small arms

    The Moscow Police Force has put on a display that has been hitting the internet recently, specifically with this excellent collection of photos on The Chive, a website I still have no clear idea about the purpose of despite being aware of them five years ago. The collection is situated in a room, somewhere in Moscow, and includes everything from percussion muzzleloading handguns, to modern day submachine guns. however the key date in all this, is that the collection compromises confiscations starting in 1949. So these aren’t firearms that were taken in the 1800s and are now on display, these are firearms taken since 1949. Whether or not some of them were actually used by criminals is another matter, as perhaps some of them were taken off their owners for bad registration papers, death, and all other possible non criminal causes.  I think the heavy, water cooled machine guns interest me the most, in addition to all the homemade devices that are on display. The FBI Museum in Washington D.C. has a similar collection with 7,000 small arms, of all their confiscated small arms, some of which are on display, but I think the majority are locked away from the public.

    The video below is not connected to the main stash of small arms on display, but is from a raid the Moscow police did in recent history, and it also showcases some interesting firearms as well.

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