Lack of cartridge knowledge, hilarity ensues

    Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Says has this series of text message screen shots posted up on their website between a fellow who sold another fellow an AK rifle. But this transaction takes on a whole new flavor when fellow number two, unfortunately finds out that his knowledge of basic cartridge identification, is rather lacking to say the least. He thinks the AK he has is chambered in 5.56x45mm, and thus complains to the original owner that the ammunition he fed it, is jamming. The former owner, being a responsible upstanding citizen, shows his concern as this would be outright irresponsible of him to sell another lawful citizen a nonfunctioning firearm. However, when fellow number two replies to the comment “7.62×39” with “Never heard of that”, it is obvious that fellow number one realizes the extent of the problem he is dealing with. It gets even better when the seller goes and buys 7.62 ammunition, but instead buys 7.62x51mm or 7.62x54mm rounds.

    Good on the original owner for following through with this monstrosity of basic cartridge identification, because I think most of us would have completely given up and not responded after the “Never heard of that” comment, being that 7.62x39mm is probably the most commonly manufactured and widespread small arms cartridge on the planet, after the 9x19mm, and maybe the 5.56x45mm following in close.

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