Hi-Point Warranty: Trial By Fire


    If you want to start an endless conversation, ask some friends: “What’s the most reliable gun on the market?” Your Glock buddy will chime in, your 1911 fanatic won’t stop talking, and your odd-ball, range buddy will yell about his Hi-Point. So how about them Hi-Point pistols?… People always have a lot to say about Hi-Points.

    “They’re ugly as hell, but damn do they shoot!”

    “They’re complete crap!… But I’ve never owned one to know.”

    “If you need a hammer, you can always use a Hi-Point!”

    Whether you love or hate them, there is no denying that they flat out work, and their warranty is 2nd to none.

    I recently helped a customer buy her first pistol which was a Hi-Point. When I saw her a couple months later I asked how she liked her Hi-Point. She began to tell me a story I may have never believed if I did not sell her the pistol myself.

    She told me how her car one morning was acting up with smoke coming from the engine so she pulled over on the highway. Once she popped the hood of her car flames were rising from the engine! She quickly grabbed her purse and ran a safe distance away while calling for help. She had forgotten that she had her Hi-Point in the car and it eventually went up in smoke with the vehicle.

    Once the fire was put out it donned on her that her Hi-Point was still in the car. Once she found it, it looked like a big melted Crayola crayon. With her heart broke about the burned vehicle and her Hi-Point she remembered that I told her how outstanding Hi-Point’s warranty was. So she called Hi-Point, recounted her story to them, and they said to simply send it in and they’ll see what they can do.

    A couple weeks later to her surprise she got a letter in the mail stating that they’d be sending her a brand new Hi-Point for FREE and that they were tremendously sorry to hear about her misfortune. They wanted to simply know what dealer she would like to have it sent to which was why she visited me that day. I was in complete shock! Now THAT is what you call a warranty!

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