IV8888 Runs the Fostech Origin 12… Hard

    What happens when you combine a 30 shell drum, a Fostech Origin 12, and a SilencerCo shotgun suppressor? Epic near-full auto patterning. Eric, or IraqVeteran8888 as he is known on the internet, has the Fostech Origin-12 shotgun in full short-barrel shotgun configuration in-hand for testing. While the previous video showed a similar configuration, Eric attempts to and fails to outrun the system.

    The Origin-12, which announced a couple years ago, has just started to trickle out to the market in reasonable significant numbers. Its similar to a Saiga with some improvements including safety/selector, forward charging handle, quick-change barrels (long and short), and an adjustable gas system.

    I’ve had a chance to play with them in detail at various media shoots and they are as much fun and as fast as Eric shows. The long-stroke piston action is remarkably quick and tolerant of of various ammunition types.

    Retail for the Origin-12 is starts at $2,600 for nitrided components. Shooters can opt to upgrade the components to nickel-coated as well.

    With the video focusing on speed, we’d be remiss to not mention Fostech’s upcoming Echo trigger, which fires on both pull and release. Per representatives, shipments for the Echo trigger will start this summer with production running in earnest shortly thereafter.

    Nathan S

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