Firearms Food for Thought: Steel-Cased Rounds, Yay or Nay?

    It’s a fact of firearms life: shooting is expensive. Even if you minimize as much as possible, you still need ammunition. And it rarely comes cheap. The cost of ammunition – which has risen significantly just in my own shooting career – stops many gun owners from getting much trigger time in and leads no small number to turn steel-cased rounds. After all, buying steel-cased rather than brass is definitely less pricey, and you just want some¬†time at the range, right?

    This may seem like an obvious question. It must not be, though, because a large number of gun owners run their guns on steel-cased rounds. People asking about the best quality rounds – oh, but no brass cases, please – are in each and every gun group on social media and also fill online forums. Others share pictures of their gun-store ammo hauls, and in those images not a single brass case can be found.

    It’s easy to say there are various factors to consider. A common argument for the use of steel-cased rounds is the issue of different guns with varying needs – and varying levels of durability and/or life expectance. If I could count the number of times I’ve heard a particular gun doesn’t need fancy ammo because it’s either just a plinking gun or “tougher than that”…but I digress.

    So, how many of you guys use the aforementioned rounds? How many flat-out refuse to put a single round¬†through your guns that isn’t brass-cased?

    TFB Staffer

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