Colorado Repealing Magazine Ban


    The Colorado Senate has been busy in a good way for firearm enthusiasts. This Tuesday, April 12th Senate Bill 113 was put to a vote and passed 20-13. What SB 113 will do for Colorado residents is eliminate the 15-Round magazine capacity limit.

    Some of you might be familiar with this poorly-crafted law from 2013. It is the exact reason why Magpul took its company’s headquarters to Texas, and Texas was happy to accept them. They didn’t exit their home state without a fight though. In a phenomenal act of defiance they sold limited edition magazine packs to fund efforts to stop the bill. Magpul has since gone on to grow their company and product offerings significantly while Colorado lost a lot of tax money from a firearms industry icon.

    Magpul Limited Edition "Free Colorado" Magazines

    Magpul Limited Edition “Free Colorado” Magazines


    In order to make SB 113 official law it must now be passed in the Colorado House. Right now it needs to be sent to a committee referral before anything else. At some point in the future it will come to a vote, and residents of the state and all others watching can only hope it passes the House as well.

    The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) has already been helping with the push to make this become law. It would be a tremendous victory if the 15-Round magazine capacity limit were to be lifted.

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