Chainsaw or Masterkey? Why Not Both?


    Police in the UK are using chainsaws to help breach doors.


    Some of you may ask: “Why not use a shotgun or a battering ram?” Good question. Firearms and police are touchy subjects in the UK. So they opt for a less lethal method in this case. Why not a battering ram? Door jams are apparently popular in the UK such as the one below. There are various other types but the problem still persists.


    We all know the stereotypical method is to use a shotgun for door breaching.  And some of you may know of the Masterkey by Knight’s Armament. Used for door breaching, the first guy in the door does not have to transition to another weapon in the case he needs to take a shot at a target that the shotgun won’t help with.



    Well why not borrow that idea and add a chainsaw to your AR?



    Pancea X makes the Zombie X chainsaw. It is a portable electric chainsaw that mounts to a picatinny rail. It retails for $800 on their website.

    Here is a video of it operating.


    While the whole Zombie addiction is a bit overkill, I am curious if the Zombie X chainsaw can perform the same duties as the chainsaw being used by British Police.

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