AK H.A.M.M.R. CA Bullet Button Tool

    California is a pretty awesome state, they’ve got sunny weather, beaches, Disneyland, traffic, high housing cost and bullet buttons. What the hell is a bullet button you ask? It’s a device that makes all Californians safer and has prevented further gun crime in the state. I’m kidding of course, it’s actually a little device that replaces the magazine release (or attaches to it in the case of the AK). It requires you to use a tool to release a magazine, usually you use the tip of a bullet hence the name.

    Lots of companies have made innovative new products to make things easier for Californian shooters, there was the Guerrilla Grip Mag Grip for AR-15 mags that put a bullet button tool on the end of your AR mags that made it easier for quicker mag changes. There was also the ARMagLock and the UBML from Thordsen Customs. Strike Industries also released their own AK bullet button that made mag changes a bit easier.

    I recently stumbled upon the AK H.A.M.M.R., short for AK Hybrid Adaptive Magnetic Magazine Release. It’s a handy little tool that can work as either a semi-permanent extended AK mag release for those in freedom loving states or as a bullet button tool for those in Commiefornia. It’s made here in the USA and it works with various AK platforms and bullet button style mag locks on the market. It retails for just $24.99 over at akhammr.com.

    Check it out in action below.


    7743707_orig 1179722_orig

    The AK H.A.M.M.R.™ was developed as an enhancement for AK-47 style rifles. AK H.A.M.M.R.™ stands for “AK Hybrid Adaptive Magnetic Magazine Release. The hybrid designation comes from the fact that the AK H.A.M.M.R.™ can be used as a semi-permanent magazine release enhancement or simply as a bullet button tool for California based AK owners. The AK H.A.M.M.R.™ is adaptive in that it can adapt to many different AK platforms as well as several bullet button (magazine lock) styles.

    The magnets are installed for California shooters that often travel out of state to shoot–allowing the shooter to operate the AK as it was intended without removing the CA required magazine lock. The installed rare earth magnets have enough holding power to keep the AK H.A.M.M.R.™ in place even after multiple magazine changes and strings of rapid fire. The AK H.A.M.M.R™. is manufactured with a hole on the “paddle” end the tool that can be used to secure the AK H.A.M.M.R.™ to some type of retention device—as simple as a piece of para cord or a basic lanyard, always keeping the tool within arms-reach. Set screws come factory installed so that non-CA residents may install the AK H.A.M.M.R. as a semi-permanent magazine release enhancement for increased leverage and ergonomics during magazine changes. The included set screws also allow the AK H.A.M.M.R.™ to adapt to the varying thicknesses of magazine release levers.

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