UTG Releases “T8” 2-16×44 CQB/MRC IE UMOA Scope

    Leapers & UTG continue their proliferation of SKUs, now adding an 8x zoom optic to the mix. The optic is one of the first of their “Multi-Range Combat & Competition” (MRC) scopes. The scope features a 30mm main body tube, comes with integral angled sunshaed, flip-open lens caps, and its own set of Max Strength QD scope rings.

    Interestingly, the scope features a 36-color “Illumination Enhancement System”. (Purple, pink, orange, and others are user-selectable colors). Lenses are coated with emerald for “crystal clear view” and the scope is 100% nitrogen purged. UTG rates it as “True Strength” making it shock, fog, and rain proof.

    The 2-16x clocks in at the high end of the T8 line-up, with an MSRP of $329.97. Fortunately for consumers, UTG products have a tendendcy to retail for quite a bit less. I would be surprised if these were more than $275 after dealer competition sets in.

    Other Available Models from the T8 Series —
    SCP3-216AOIEW MSRP: $299.97
    SCP3-18IEMDQ MSRP: $249.97
    SCP3-18IECDQ MSRP: $249.97
    SCP3-18IEMDN MSRP: $229.97

    No word on a true 1-8x, which would be ultimate desire of the competition crowd.

    Nathan S

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