Gamers Rejoice! Halo 2 Heatshield Version 2 How Shipping

    I swear there was nothing more fun back in the day than “Shotties with No Shields” on a small map… However, this offering is NOT recommended for real life but can fulfill the yearnings of our pre-pubescant selves.

    ATI has announced the release of their Halo 2 Shotgun Heat Shield. As the name implies, the heat sheild is deigned to look like the M90 Close Assault Weapon System when applied to your favorite shotttie. The heat shield does not turn the shotgun into a top-loader, but it does add a set of ghost ring sights. Users can get darn close to the M90 with other ATI accessories including pistol grip adapter and stock system.

    H2A_Render_M90 dhs0100_3

    The new version is compatible with additional shotguns. The simpler system is designed for any shotgun that has the barrel lug at least 13.75″ from the receiver. This includes the two most popular shotgun systems, the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590.


    • 12 Gauge Deluxe Shotgun Heat Shield w/ Ghost Ring Sights
    • Constructed of High Strength Steel With Matte Black Powder Coating
    • CNC Machined Ghost Ring Sights
    • Positively Locks Behind Forward Barrel Lug
    • Infinitely Customizable Stop to Prevent Any Movement While Firing
    • Fits With or Without an Aftermarket Mag Extension
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Manufactured in the USA

    The system can be picked up direct from ATI or through their dealer network. Retail is pegged at $39.99.

    Nathan S

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