FN Model 1900 Field Strip

    The FN Model 1900 was a truly revolutionary handgun for its time, introducing a groundbreaking cartridge and the very concept of a slide. These little guns got around, with total production at over half a million units too, but it is often overlooked by modern shooters. So, let’s see what’s inside.

    C&Rsenal’s Video on the M1900

    Transcript …

    – [Voiceover] Hey guys, it’s Alex here with TFTV, and for today’s field strip we’re going to be looking at an FN model 1900.

    The FN model 1900 is extremely historically significant.

    It introduced the 32 ACP cartridge, and it was the first pistol ever with a slide, which was incredibly revolutionary.

    Remember, they were trying all sorts of different back then, like the Luger’s toggle and everything like that.

    But let’s go ahead and look at how this thing works.

    It is a straight blow back pistol, which that also was a relatively new concept as well.

    These were the early days of the automatic pistol, and they were still trying to figure everything out.

    It just so happened that John Browning figured everything out a little better than everybody else realistically.

    As most of his designs, and a lot of his design elements, are still considered relevant today actually.

    So, once you’ve cleared your FN model 1900, go ahead and grab a flat-head screwdriver, and undo these two screws.

    These hold the breach block in place.

    Now, I went ahead and did a time lapse here, ’cause it does take a little bit of time to bust these loose and then get them all the way out, ’cause they’re actually quite long.

    But rest assured that once you take them out, it’s not like the slide’s gonna pop off or anything like that.

    So, once you have those undone, go ahead and rack the slide, basically, then give it a little bit of maneuvering to get it forward, and remove it from the gun.

    After this, you can remove the breach block by first of all removing the recoil spring and guide rod from the little cup.

    And then removing the breach block from the rear.

    And this is a short field strip video because that’s all you have to do to field strip the gun, and actually, looked a lot faster than it took to film this because I did the time lapse with the screws and everything like that, but these are simple pistols.

    Especially for 1900, these introduced affordable pocket carry to a lot of people.

    If you are interested in the history of this pistol, maybe an in depth look at how it works, and everything like that, I really suggest you take CN Arsenal’s video on the FN 1900.

    I’ll go ahead and put a link to it in the description of this video, but realistically, if you’re interested in conceal carry handguns, I wouldn’t say buy one of these, but definitely look at their video because it makes a good case for how this one introduced that concept to a lot of people.

    Very eye-opening video for me personally.

    Anyways, big thanks to Ventura Munitions.

    We hope to see you guys next time.


    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.